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IDEO is a design and innovation global consultant. Their based is currently located in Palo Alto, California, United States, and has any other offices in other place. IDEO focuses on various areas, including branded experiences, design for adherence and communities, design for learning, environmental impact, food and beverage, going to market, healthy space, health and wellness, and innovation strategy. They also focuses in other areas, such as invention and engineering, kid and play, media and entertainment, mobility, networked culture, retail and hospitality, social impact, and transformation design. The company also serves many organization and all. This company has been ranked to become one of the most creative companies.

IDEO Tagline

They have a very good tagline which is “We create impact through design”. This tagline has created an impact itself to the people who read the tagline. Create impact through design is not as easy as it was stated above by IDEO. In today world which is full of globalization, design can be found anywhere and almost everywhere, that is why this company needs to be creative in order to create an impact through design.

IDO Open Conversation

IDEO is open conversation means that they open a conversation available for anyone in the world to come and join the conversation. They invite people outside the world to be creative by discussing, sharing, compelling any though that they have in mind. This is one of the processes of creativity because they can discuss even the most provocative and unusual thought and can make the realization of the thought. The most recent open conversation is

Living Climate Change which is a place where the most defining challenge of our time is explored through design thinking. It’s also a place to show, discuss, and share compelling and provocative thoughts and ideas about the future. What does Living Climate Change mean to you? What will life be like in 20 or 30 years?

What makes IDEO a Creative Company?
IDEO has been a creative company that many company look at for. This company is very creative because the members of the company always think out of the box. Think something that is creative and unusual combining by the opportunity of the design that they have been thinking about and build in their brain.

There is a creativity lab in IDEO which is called IDEO Lab. Their statement about IDEO lab is

IDEO Labs is a place where we can show bits of what we’re working on, talk about prototyping, and share our excitement over the tools that help us create.

In this website they told people about their creative design and sometimes the process. They want to “Bringing new ideas to life” which is an essential part of what they do. From here we can conclude that in reaching the realization of the idea they have to also do the trial and error because it was an idea that no one has ever thinking about. Sometimes the idea is not successful, just only a prototype, a failure project, and all. But that process is what helping them in making some creative design that can impact the world. This blog is also a place for a conversation to help them hear the opinion of other people and help them improve the products or design.


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